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These maps are fully interactive. Use the zoom buttons, drag to change locations and click tracks for information and photos.
discription of afternoon boat tour
If you just have a few hours, perhaps a short cruise in the morning or afternoon would suit your needs.  It would be my pleasure to work with you on a schedule. We would leave the dock and travel South out of Ladysmith Harbour. The direction of the wind would determine our route from there. Snacks and refreshments are available. I would return you to the dock approximately 3 hours later.
Discription of day charter background
Map of short ocean tour
sail day cruise background
A day long cruise is best started early. Try arriving right after an early breakfast. We'll leave Ladysmith and evaluate conditions and decide which way to go. Two of my favourite destinations are Pirate's Cove on DeCourcy Island or Conover Cove on Wallace Island. Depending on wind and tide. Both locations are less than three hours away. Both are beautiful marine parks with hiking and history. Hopefully we'll get a nice sail in and arrive in time for lunch. Time for a hike before I return you to Ladysmith.

Another option would be for you to remain another couple of hours for dinner aboard, likely at anchor in a nearby cove. I would then return you to the dock probably between 7:00 and 8:00
Map background for sail day charter
discription of day sail tour
discription of week long tour of gulf islands by sailboat
If you wish to really get intimate with the Gulf Islands, a week aboard will give you a good start.

My favorite week-long trip is to take guests around Salt Spring Island. The actual route and destinations would vary according to wind, tide and your wishes. This particular route leaves Ladysmith and arrives at Conover Cove on Wallace Island. This very small cove gives access to a beautiful marine park only accessible by private boat. There is hiking, scenery, nature and seafood. We have even seen whales from there. Conover cove and Wallace have a wonderful history which is fun to explore. Sunsets are often breathtaking.

On the second leg it looks like we had good sailing. Wallace Island to James Bay on Prevost Island is just a couple of hours by boat, twice as long if you are sailing into the wind which is the case in this example. James Bay is bordered by another marine park. There is no dingy dock so "Bullfrog" our tender must be beached to get ashore. There are remains of an old farm and orchard here and nice hiking.

Next stop: Ganges, on Salt Spring Island. Salt Spring is the largest of the Southern Gulfs and has the largest town, Ganges. The town and surrounding area has a population of over 14,000. Shopping, a farmers' market, restaurants and pubs are plentiful and could take several days to explore.

tour map background for week charter
On this particular map we make one long trip to Maple Bay on Vancouver Island. The marina here is very interesting to see with its' marine paraphernalia displayed as little sculptures. Visit the boat yard and see what's under the water on a variety of vessels. There is a restaurant/pub and a coffee shop as well.

From there it is just a short hop to Chemainus with it's murals. One hour further, we're back where we started in Ladysmith
Weel long charter tour